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How to eliminate the laundry mountain

by respaced on June 24, 2009

Here are images from another project I worked on recently. This client needed the laundry room functional for a medium-sized family. She wanted help clearing out everything that wasn’t laundry-related, and she wanted some ideas on developing a system to get the laundry sorted, folded and put away. Here is the before photo:

And here is the after photo:

On the right side of the photo are four pull-out drawers containing identical laundry bins (they look like kitchen garbage cans). We assigned one bin per member of the family. After the laundry comes out of the dryer, the mom is to sort it into each family member’s bin. If the mom has time, she can then fold the clothes in each bin while watching her favorite TV show. But if she doesn’t have the time, she can put each bin in the appropriate family member’s room, and that family member can fold his or her own laundry and put it away. And even if the child doesn’t get around to folding his or her laundry, at least he or she knows precisely where his or her clean clothes are, eliminating the “Mom! Where is my Elmo t-shirt?” wail.

And thus, the evergrowing laundry mountain was eliminated.

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