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One of the fastest organizing jobs I’ve ever done

by respaced on July 3, 2009

What is the grimiest, most sweat-producing room in the house to organize? Why, the garage, of course! If you are planning to organize your garage in the near future, check the weather report beforehand so you don’t end up cleaning it out on a 80-degree-plus day. Fortunately, I worked on this client’s garage in the morning, but if we had waited until the afternoon, we would have melted in the heat. Here is the before picture:

Garages can be difficult because they have to store so many unrelated categories of stuff — automotive, gardening, household repair supplies, sports equipment, camping supplies, etc. And most garages have little to no installed storage. Basically, they are dumping grounds for big, heavy, oftentimes dirty items. It’s no wonder that 90 percent of Americans can’t fit their car in their garage!

Here’s the after photo, two and a half hours later. We worked really efficiently and managed to get two-thirds of the garage sorted and organized:

Please keep in mind that most garages will take much longer than a few hours to organize if you go it alone or with just your spouse (hiring a professional organizer will make it go much faster — gotta put that out there!) My client and I hope to finish the last third of her garage next week.

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