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Where can you find the cheapest shelving ever?

by respaced on July 20, 2009

My garden/toy/wood pile shed has been a wreck for a while. And after we finished cleaning out the garage, I finally felt up to the ordeal of removing every piece of wood from the wood pile, stacking it outside while I gutted the shed and then restacking the wood against a different wall inside the shed. On a 90-degree day. By myself (for some reason, hubby was not clamoring to help …)

I drooled over the sexy, utilitarian look of adjustable chrome wire shelving. But at about $400 for the amount we needed, I couldn’t justify the cost in a shed. Instead, we went to the ReBuilding Center on North Mississippi Street and bought some old wooden deck planks. We didn’t see any used cinder blocks for sale, so we had to zoom up to a big box store to pick those up. But the final cost came to about $25. It’s the cheapest shelving ever!

Here is a before photo:

Here is the after photo:

It was my three-year-old’s idea to park his cars under the shelf. He was delighted when they all fit. Future organizer in the making, perhaps? Now I just need to buy a tool holder for the wall, and my shed is super cheap, super functional and super clean.

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