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A fun way to display photos

by respaced on August 19, 2009

A few years ago, I inherited Grandma’s old birdcage and stand, sans bird. I love bird motifs and cages and nests, so this fit right in with the decor. Sort of. The color of the cage didn’t really match the stand or anything else in the room. And it looked kind of sad all empty. So I put a plant in it.

But I was never really in love with that look.

Recently, I rediscovered my super strong neodymium magnets (yes, I have some odd craft supplies laying around). They were perfect for attaching photos all over the cage, giving me a new place to hang photos while covering up the color of the metal. And once the cage is all covered up, there’s always the metal stand and base that could be covered …

You can get super strong magnets at K & J Magnetics. They are are so strong that K & J warns about finger injuries if you put your finger in between two magnets (I’ve done it — it hurts). I’ve used them to hang up Christmas stockings, attach felt flower brooches to clothes, and hang a quilt sample. I bought this package of of 50 for $15.50. Just keep them away from little kids (possibly deadly if swallowed) and all your electronics!

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