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One last project with a $5.50 remnant of fabric

by respaced on August 17, 2009

Still on the crafty binge of last week. After sewing the basement curtains using the fabric from SCRAP, I still had a lot of fabric left. At first my plan was to turn the rest of it into a bedspread, but I wanted to make sure it would be machine-washable. I took the fabric to Bolt and asked the helpful clerks there to identify the type of fabric it was and type of care it would need. They said it would be dry-clean only, which killed my desire to turn it into a bedspread.

Then, I noticed my nine-year-old Pier One folding screen in the corner. It’s a three-panel screen made of boring, off-white muslin. It would be so refreshing to change that out and a pretty simple project, too!

Seeing as how my sewing machine is still broken (grrr ….), I had to use iron-on seam tape to hem all the edges. Then I sewed the pockets for the rods by hand. I placed cardboard under the panels, so I wouldn’t accidentally sew the panels onto the carpet! The whole project took about five hours and cost me only $5.50!
I’m delighted with the results. The “guest bedroom” in the basement looks so much more inviting!

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