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4 tips to inspire you to finish that organizing project

by respaced on September 3, 2009

Somebody recently told me that while she has great aspirations for getting organized, she often finds herself quitting before the project is completed. What can she do to to avoid stopping half-way through? Here were some of my suggestions:

1. Find what motivates you. Why do you care to organize the space? Write down that motivator and keep it handy for when you get to that point where you ask yourself, “Why am I making myself do this now?”

2. What are your usual excuses for not finishing a project? Lack of time, money, childcare? Write down those excuses and brainstorm solutions BEFORE you start your project. Put those solutions into action when you try to talk yourself out of finishing your project.

3. Tackle the room, clutter or system only when you have the emotional and physical energy. If you start the project drained, you won’t do your best work. At worst, you won’t be able to finish. Only work when you are ready to work.

4. Figure out which time of day you are most productive, and only work on your project then. For many people, trying to organize in the evening is doomed to fail because they are more tired than they realize from the events of the day.

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