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Arguing with your spouse over your home decor? Make your party guests decide instead!

by respaced on October 26, 2009

I went to my brother’s housewarming party on Saturday and wanted to tell you about a clever method they are using to make decor decisions. They are having some differences of opinions on cosmetic changes such as paint colors, fireplace styles, window treatments and furniture choices in their new house. So they placed two idea boards in each room. Each idea board has magazine clippings, photos and paint chips of what each prefers — James made his idea board and Melanie made hers. Then the guests were given scraps of paper and instructed to vote on which idea board they like best for each room! You could also make comments on the scrap paper in the event you liked aspects of each idea board. And to make it more fun, James and Melanie didn’t write their names on their idea boards, so it was entertaining to try to guess which one designed which idea board.

I imagine they received plenty of good ideas along with lots of good-natured snarky responses. And I’m super curious to see whose ideas won the most votes! What an innovative, democratic way to solve the age-old, his-and-hers design dilemma!

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Daily Gnome November 3, 2009 at 4:55 am

Such a great idea! And sounds like a fun party, too.


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