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Autumn Perk-Up-My-House List

by respaced on October 1, 2009

Fall is my favorite time of year, and while it officially became fall September 22, it didn’t feel like the first day of fall to me until today, October 1. There’s something about the arrival of chilly weather that turns my thoughts toward home in an attempt to make my house more cozy. Here’s what’s on my Coze-ify House List:

1. Get chimney cleaned so I can safely make fires in the fireplace.

2. Put new filters in furnace so the furnace runs more efficiently when I turn the heat back on.

3. Place snuggly throw blankets on the couch and armchair.

4. Bring in tender plants to both protect them and perk up gloomy corners.

5. Plant bulbs under the tree so I have something cheerful to look at out the window once they bloom in the middle of our 6-month-long rainy season.

6. Purchase my favorite kind of pumpkin, Cinderella pumpkins, to use as centerpieces and accent pieces around the house.

7. Buy hanging pocket storage for all the hats, gloves and mittens in the hall closet.

8. Make more room in my son’s dresser for long pants, long-sleeved shirts and long pajama pants. I was able to get away with using just two drawers for his summer shorts and short-sleeved shirts, but now that he’s wearing pants and long-sleeved shirts, along with sweaters and sweatshirts, we need more space in the dresser.

9. Make a fall floral arrangement of the colored branches and last of the summer dahlias and roses. Move a Cinderella pumpkin over to make room for it on a table.

10. Purchase a portable space heater for the downstairs TV room. Gotta get better insulation for the basement!

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