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The best architectural salvage ever

by respaced on October 5, 2009

A few weekends ago, we visited my hands-down, favorite architectural salvage store in Aurora, Ore. Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage feautures a huge assortment of house, garden and business building parts, all antique, all carefully chosen for their beauty, usefulness or interest.

Chad and I get so inspired everytime we walk inside the historic building in the old part of Aurora. He thinks of all the cool parts he could weld together to make a gate or trellis.

I think of the antique house parts in terms of their attractiveness on top of my fireplace mantle. Or perhaps repurposed into something clever, like a mirror frame decorated with hundreds of tiny metal screws, bolts, knobs, latches, etc. in a collage style. Nathan wants all the old neon letters, so he can hang them in his room, spelled out with his name.

If you’re fascinated by stores like the ReBuilding Center in North Portland or Rejuvenation in SE Portland, you’re going to think you’ve gone to heaven at Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage. Be warned that things are a little expensive, but they are also in fantastic condition for being antiques. And if you go there and make something cool with the salvage you buy, let me know. I always enjoy seeing another thrifty designer’s handiwork.

They are located at 14971 First St NE Aurora, OR 97002 and open Tuesday-Sunday 10-5 p.m.

Image courtesy of Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage. Thank you!

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