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More uses for a cut-up Target sheet

by respaced on November 9, 2009

Over the weekend, I finished the dust ruffle for the guest room bed. I have to say, I hate the term “dust ruffle” — I try to avoid ruffles in my life at all costs — but there is no other term to describe the fabric that covers your box springs mattress.

I took the rest of the Target sheet (read about the headboard I made when I first bought the sheet) and cut it into three long strips, then stitched those three strips together, forming one strip long enough to wrap around my entire bed. Then I used super cool stitch glue (my sewing machine is on the fritz again) to hem the bottom and top. Finally, I went to Joann’s Fabric and bought them out of 3/4 inch Velcro, at a cost of about $30. I glued the loop side of the Velcro along the top hem of my fabric strip. I took straight pins and pinned the hook side of the Velcro along the mattress. You could also use hot glue, if you wanted something more permanent. Then I simply stuck the fabric strip to the mattress along the Velcro and I was done!

The photo shows the nuts-and-bolts of the ruffle where it meets the headboard. The beauty of making a Velcro dust ruffle is that you can easily remove it to launder it, unlike a store-bought dust ruffle that lays sandwiched between two mattresses, rendering it nearly impossible to remove.

This was a very simple, no-sew project that made a big difference in the appearance of the bed. I’ll post a picture of the entire bed once I have a new bedspread for it. I’m still working on that piece!

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