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Thanksgiving Day organizing tip

by respaced on November 25, 2009

Here’ s a quick organizing tip in honor of Thanksgiving: As you are getting your table set for the big day tomorrow, pay attention to what dishes, platters and serving plates you pull from your cupboards. Are these the items you use for every holiday dinner? Then, notice the dishes, platters and serving platters left behind in the cupboard. These are the items you probably pass over year after year because they don’t match, they’re chipped, they’re not functional or you simply don’t like them. Now is your golden opportunity to get rid of them.

Since all the “good stuff” is on the table, you can access the other stuff in the back of the cupboard. Just take an old box and pack up the stuff you don’t like for charity. Not only will it give you an idea of what you need to replace for next year, it will also make putting the “good stuff” back after you’ve washed it much easier.

Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for being such a loyal reader.

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