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Sneaky organizing tip for Christmas Eve

by respaced on December 18, 2009

Christmas Eve is a few days away, and if you have children, you know that Christmas Day brings with it an influx of brand-new toys. How will you store all of the new toys when the children have so many already? By spending a few minutes Christmas Eve boxing up some of their old toys after they’ve gone to bed. and putting them into storage for a few months. Young kids will most likely receive enough new toys on Christmas that they won’t miss the old ones that are tucked away. Older children (perhaps above age 7) may notice the toys that are missing, so this sneaky method may not work with them.

Before you box up the toys, whatever your children’s ages, it’s always a good idea to ask them what their favorite toys are so you don’t inadvertently box up a favorite plaything.

After a few months, you can bring the toys back out again, and they will seem new and fresh to your kids. Or if the children don’t seem to miss them, you can take this opportunity to donate them. Either way, it’s a good idea to sort through your children’s toys once a year and donate some to make room for the new ones. And Christmas Eve provides the perfect cover to make this mission a success.

Photo courtesy of Madonna Dunn.

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