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3 tips to help that New Year’s organizing resolution stick

by respaced on January 6, 2010

I’m writing these tips in the spirit of New Year’s, because I know how often people make “get organized” their resolution. But these are good habits to adopt no matter what time of year:

1. Teach your children to clean up after themselves. Starting at age three, children can help you put away their toys each night before bed. If they can do it in preschool, they can do it at home too. This habit will go a long way toward keeping your house more picked up, as children tend to be the biggest mess makers!

2. Allocate a corner of your house for a donation pile. Ours is under the stairs. I’ve seen other people use space in their laundry room. As clothes get outgrown and items stop being used, they go in the donation pile. When the donation pile begins to outgrow its space, it’s time to drop it off at a charity. This makes maintenance organizing so much easier, because you have a single spot for all those unwanted items.

3. Often, certain items rarely get put away because they require a trip upstairs or downstairs, which can be a hassle. Solve this problem by either finding a permanent spot for the item on the main floor where it’s most often used or by placing a basket near the foot of the stairs to collect those items. When you absolutely have to go upstairs, multitask by taking that basket with you and putting things away while you’re upstairs.

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