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Easy, inexpensive way to deal with your mail

by respaced on January 25, 2010

One of the biggest organizing headaches people have is dealing with all of the incoming mail. I strongly urge everyone to get a vertical file folder (mine cost about $7 at Staples) and sort the mail into the slots. Take notice of the different categories of mail you receive over the next week, and label your folders with those categories. For example, our mail can mostly be categorized as bills, Netflix movies, statements, and things that need to be reviewed (then recycled). Junk mail gets immediately recycled or put in the shred pile.

You may notice our calendar tucked behind the files. When I get a reminder from Nathan’s school or the dentist about an upcoming appointment, I immediately write the date on the calendar and chuck the notice. Store your calendar near your file folder so you can do the same! I write about the sanity-saving abilities of the humble calendar here.

A vertical file folder is a cheap, incredibly easy way to conquer a really big problem. No more lost bills!

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