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When NOT to organize

by respaced on February 26, 2010

Some people have a hard time finding the motivation to get their home organized. I have posted some tips to end the procrastination here as well as reasons for adopting the Just Do It attitude here.

But there is a time when it is wise to avoid starting an organizing project, and that is when you are going through a major, stressful, life transition. Examples of such transitions include a new baby in the family, the serious illness or death of a loved one and divorce.

These types of transitions suck the energy right out of you, and when you are exhausted, you stop making good decisions. Organizing requires physical, mental and emotional energy, even if you work with a professional organizer. It’s best to wait to start an organizing session when you are consistently getting enough sleep each night, and these transitions are mostly resolved. You will feel much better about the outcome of your project if you do.

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