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Your home desperately needs this organizing device!

by respaced on February 10, 2010

There are two things I think every house should have to make organizing easier and the home more consistently tidy.

The first thing every home should have is a landing strip. That’s organizing jargon for a table (or other flat surface) near your front door where you deposit, sort and hold the mail, and corral everyone’s keys, cell phones and other essentials each day. Ideally, your phone charger is on your landing strip; therefore, your strip needs to be near an outlet. Some people place a shredder near their landing strip so they can instantly destroy unwanted mail. The strip also holds your diaper bag, purse or briefcase or is right next to a hall closet where those things are stored.

Your landing strip can be a narrow table, a corner of the counter or the top of a cabinet. The important thing is that it is near the door you usually enter and your hall closet. The beauty of a landing strip is that it provides a home for those little things that are the most devastating to lose. Everything you need to take with you at the day’s beginning or drop off at the day’s end is stored in one place.

I’ll tell you what the second essential organzing device is on Friday.

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