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5 uses for a vintage letterpress tray

by respaced on March 26, 2010

I love vintage letterpress trays. All those tiny compartments just scream for some sort of brilliant repurpose job. But repurpose as what? Here are some great ideas I found:

Drawer organizer for a bead collection by Rivulette from her Fickr page.

Funky photo display by Anna Betts at Colour + Sound.

Tiny figurine curio cabinet (for your collection of plastic Army men perhaps?) by Monjojo.

Lobster Mobster painstakingly spliced a map into each compartment.

Sewing supplies holder by The Tilted Tulip.

And there was one final photo of a repurposed letter tray holder that I decided not to publish. It organized a vast selection of (hopefully) fake eyeballs.

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