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DIY headboard heaven

by respaced on March 15, 2010

Wow! Some of you are really into DIY headboards, according to my blog stats which tell me how much you read the two posts I did on a couple of headboards I made. I thought you might like to see some more ideas for DIY headboards, which alas, I will not be able to make, seeing as how I have run out of headboard-less beds in my house (sigh …)

small+notebook+headboard DIY headboard heaven

This one comes from Small Notebook. Rachel made a classy and unique headboard out of an old fireplace mantel she found on Craigslist.

decor+inspiration+headboard DIY headboard heaven

I love this glass tile headboard from Decor Inspiration. It’s an original take on the classic plywood-based headboard. She warns us that it’s very heavy and rather expensive. Duly noted.

starterhome+diy+headboard DIY headboard heaven

Mikael and her husband at Starter Home to Dream Home made this elegant headboard out of an old door.

book+diy+headboard DIY headboard heaven

I’m not sure I loved how this headboard turned out (I think it’s the color and placement of the books that doesn’t quite sit well with me), but I do love the idea behind it. This would be so much fun in a child’s room, maybe using vintage textbook readers or dictionaries. Check it out at Instructables.

shutter+headboard DIY headboard heaven
headboard+part+two+2 DIY headboard heaven

Finally, here are the two headboards I made. You can read about the shutter headboard here and the fabric-covered headboard here.

I hope you enjoyed your little bit of DIY headboard heaven.

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