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Are your 4-letter-words stopping your decluttering efforts?

by respaced on April 26, 2010

Sandra Felton, founder of Messies Anonymous back in the ’80s, says you need to watch out for these four-letter words when you are trying to declutter your space:
Isn’t it CUTE?
But it was FREE!
It was a GIFT so I have to keep it.
It reminds me of the PAST.
It was on SALE.
It belonged to so-and-so who is now DEAD. (Ok, so I added that last one myself, but I have heard it many times before!)
I PAID a lot for it.
What if I NEED it someday?

These words form many of the excuses we tell ourselves for hanging on to items that we no longer use, love or have room for. The next time you are wondering how the clutter crept back into your life, see if you are using these four-letter words.

Image courtesy of Watch Mojo.

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