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Having trouble parting with your children’s artwork?

by respaced on May 28, 2010

If you or your child has a hard time parting with their artwork and school projects, try this trick.

Take a close-up photo of the child’s artwork with a digital camera. Jot down some notes about the artwork on a piece of paper (eg. what the project was for, what it represents, child’s age and the date) and take a picture of that too. That way, you won’t have to rely on your memory to recall what that glazed glob of clay was supposed to represent!

Then create a digital photo book of the artwork. I prefer to use My Publisher, the free digital album software from Costco. (I found it quite easy to use, and I’m no computer techie.) You can either make an album of just the artwork or intersperse the artwork photos among the rest of the family photos (my preference). In the captions, write about the artwork using your notes from the photo of notes you took. You can make a 20-page album for less than $50.

Your child will be so excited to see photos of his or her artwork published in a real hardcover book! The albums look very professional and are far superior to the stick-your-photo-in-a-plastic-sleeve albums. And you can now get rid of the artwork originals that take up so much room.

Image of My Publisher photo book from Costco.

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