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Organize with vintage and antique containers — no more plastic tubs!

by respaced on June 25, 2010

I love the look of organizing supplies with “character.” Rather than rushing out to the Container Store to buy some charmless plastic tubs, why not look for these vintage containers at the next garage sale you go to?

Organize socks and underwear for a fun display on your dresser. Or corral balls of yarn and scraps of fabric in a craft room.
A fantastic organizer for small pieces in the craft room or garage.
These wire bins are sold separately and stacked together. Perfect for storing shoes, bags and hats in the mudroom or kids toys and books in the playroom (screw into the wall for stability).
Useful for the picnic table to hold napkins, silverware, mustard and ketchup bottles. Also well-suited for organizing seeds, trowels, hand tools and gloves out in the potting shed.
Store the dog leash, poop bags and other outdoor necessities by the back door.
A fun curio for the wall (for your salt-and-pepper shaker collection perhaps?) Hang on the wall and use as a mail sorter or fold and roll up your scrap fabric to make an eye-catching fabric sorter in the sewing room.

I found all of these containers at a delightful store on N. Mississippi Street in Portland. They were ridiculously expensive, I’m sorry to report. But I bet you can save money by scouring estate sales, barn sales and flea markets for these same items. Happy hunting!

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Inessa Stewart December 29, 2011 at 6:13 am

Now that new! Vintage containers. These are great organizers. Antiques in the hall or any other space can look wonderful. Have a great year ahead!


respaced December 29, 2011 at 9:45 pm

Thanks, Inessa. I always love being able to “container-ize” with something I already have rather than going out and buying new plastic containers. Antiques do look wonderful in most people’s homes! Thanks fore reading and commenting.


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