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My absolute favorite way to store toys

by respaced on August 13, 2010

I recommend this storage unit to my mama clients all the time for corraling all of their kids’ toys. If you are sick to death of stepping on small toys and tripping over trucks, listen up. These versatile storage units come from Ikea’s Trofast line, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes:

 My favorite thing about this (besides the price) is the pull-out bins, perfect for little fingers to pull out and push back. They can take the whole bin out during playtime and throw armloads of toys in them when playtime is over. The unit also comes in a pine color. Here’s the set-up I have:

The frame retails for about $69 and each pull-out bin is $2 to $4. Use the top for a window seat/bench or line up books, using book ends on either side to hold them in place. I like to put my son’s oversized stuffed animals on top of this one.

This is incredibly effective, inexpensive storage. Get yours today and reclaim your living space!

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