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Disorganization is robbing you of your money!

by respaced on February 15, 2011

Clutter comes at a cost. Disorganization digs into your pocket book and nickel and dimes you. If saving money is one of your goals, ask yourself if you have experienced any of these situations:

How often have I spent money to replace something I knew I had, but couldn’t find?

How often have I bought myself something I thought I didn’t own, but then came home and discovered that I now have multiple (insert one) black t-shirts, black leggings, copies of certain cookbooks or movies, various cooking utensils, certain colors of nail polish?

How often have I bought organizing supplies, but then came home and didn’t know where or how I would use them, so they went unused?

How often have I had to pay late fees for my bills or overdue fines for my library books or movies?

How often have I had to pay for registration or tickets at the door for a special event and paid a higher price because of it, rather than purchasing tickets ahead of time?

How often have I had to purchase camping or vacation items while camping or vacationing, because I forgot to pack something?

How often have I bought something I knew I owned, but didn’t want to look for because I knew it would take me a long time to go through my (insert one) closet, pantry, garage, basement to find it?

These are just some of the ways disorganization costs us money. This doesn’t take into consideration the cost of disorganization on the job, such as employee time wasted looking for something or creating replacements for lost items. Taking the initiative to get organized is an investment of time, energy and usually at least some money up front. But it is well worth the cost in savings you will reap over the years.

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