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Does your house represent the real You? Or the You you wish you were?

by respaced on March 4, 2011

This ribbon organizer looks great, it might be useful, it
certainly cost a lot, but does it truly represent
your hobbies?

Does your house represent you as you are? Or the “you” that you would like to be someday? Here’s some comparisons to get you thinking. Oh, and I will call the house that represents the you as you are “Authentic House” and the house that represents the you as you would like to be “Idealized House.”

Authentic House only has clothes that actually fit you in your closet. Idealized House has clothes that you used to fit into or that you hope to fit into in the future.

Authentic House has books and movies that you read and watch regularly, because you truly enjoy them or find them quite meaningful or useful. Idealized House has books and movies that you keep because they were gifts (so you feel guilty donating them) or because you think you should like them (Moby Dick anyone?) even though you secretly did not enjoy them. Idealized House even contains books and movies that you think you should own if you want to claim that you have a complete library, even if it means you have never read/watched them.

Authentic House has tools and supplies for the hobbies that you engage in at least a few times a month. Idealized House has tools and supplies for hobbies that you used to do and hope to do again in the future, but don’t currently do at the moment. Idealized House also has tools and supplies for hobbies that you think might be fun to do, but have never actually done.

Authentic House has cookbooks and cookware in order to prepare the meals that your family eats the most often. Idealized House has cookbooks and cookware to prepare the kind of meals you think you should eat or would like to eat someday. Idealized House even contains flatware and cookware for dinner parties you hope to throw someday.

Authentic House has exercise equipment for the exercises you perform several times a week. Idealized House has exercise equipment that you bought years ago and used a few times, but haven’t touched in months or years.

Have you chosen to live in Idealized House without knowing it? Does Idealized House make you feel comfortable, welcomed and accepted? Or does it fill you with guilt, dread and anxiety? You have a choice, and you can choose to surround yourself with things that support the way you honestly live. It is a crucial step in organizing, and one that can transform your house from a place of stress to a place of love and acceptance. So where will you live?

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matthew March 20, 2013 at 11:26 pm

the ribbon spool organizer. can i buy one or have one made thanks


respaced March 21, 2013 at 7:06 pm

Hi Matthew,

Unfortunately it is no longer being sold. I originally found it on Etsy. You might search for “ribbon caddy organizer” and see if you can find something similar. Good luck! — MaryJo


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