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How to find more storage space in your living room

by respaced on August 8, 2011

If you live in a tiny house, you might do all of your living in your living room, because you don’t have a den, family room, theater room, home office or playroom. And if you have small children underfoot, you might know already that they don’t want to play with their toys in a designated playroom or their bedrooms; they want to play where you are. This often means you live with a sea of toys in the living room. That’s why we often find ourselves trying to squeeze as much storage space as possible out this space. Here are some ideas for finding more storage space:

1. Make sure all tables in the living room, such as end tables and coffee tables have drawers or lift-up tops for storage. For example, you might use trunks for your end tables and store your good dishes (inside padded containers) within.

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2. An upscale mini filing cabinet in a wood tone can also serve as an end table. Use one or both for household files and use the top drawers for storing office supplies.

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3. Install window seats under large windows or along each side of the fireplace. These window seats should open up to reveal more storage inside.

4. Toys can be stashed inside large wooden wicker trunks with lids. With the lid down, the trunks fit in nicely with the rest of your decor. A good place to stash everything when company is coming over! Make sure the trunks are made of lightweight wicker material so the tops don’t smash little fingers. $75.99

? 5. Think vertical. Build shelves that go to the ceiling along the entire length of a wall. Shelves can look messy when everything sits out in the open, so use baskets or bins to store things. Be sure to bolt shelves to the wall in case your children decide to climb to the top.

6. Use vintage containers that look fantastic sitting out in the open, but conceal small collections of things inside. Look for old suitcases, hatboxes, fruit crates, cookie jars, tins and more.

I love old homes, and their small rooms can feel cozy. You just have to be clever when it comes to storage and make your furniture serve double-duty. Do you have any other ideas for finding more storage in your living room?

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