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How to create your perfect craft space

by respaced on October 17, 2011

I recently took a seminar in organizing craft rooms from my colleague Megan Spears over at Disorder 2 Order. Here are a few tips I gleaned from the seminar for making a functional, enjoyable space:

1. Don’t know where to start organizing? Start with where your butt is (her words, not mine!) That is, start with where you sit and make sure you have a large, uncluttered work space. Make sure you have adjustable lighting over your space and a comfortable chair. You crafters/sewers know you can spend hours sitting in one spot studying tiny details, so an ergonomic chair, desk and light are essential for your health.

2. While sitting at your desk, spread your arms straight out and swing them around in a circle. That is the area in which the majority of your supplies should be kept. This may mean using space not just on and around your desk, but also above and below it.

3. Clear plastic boxes in assorted sizes are the most convenient for storing most of your supplies. If they are stackable, have locking lids and moveable compartments inside, all the better. If you opt to go with old shoe and jewelry boxes and the like, labels are necessary so you don’t have to pry off every box lid to find a certain scrap of fabric.

4. It’s so easy to compile an enormous collection of paper, stamps, fabric, etc. But for your space to remain organized and functional, you need to set some limits. Let the space dictate the limits. For example, once you’ve filled up your paper rack, you can’t buy any more paper until you get rid of some of the old paper.

Having a dedicated craft space is so inspiring and rewarding. Outfit it right and keep it organized, and you’ll be amazed at how that positively affects your craft.

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