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A year ago in review: bold-faced lies, attack of the holidays and organizing for the time-strapped

by respaced on November 9, 2011

Just in case you missed it, here’s what we were discussing a year or two ago the week of November 9:


“I’ll get to it later” and other lies we tell ourselves I get on your case about that whole “I’ll get to it later” and “I’ll just put this here for now” line you tell yourself.

Barely survived the holidays last year? Make this year’s holidays better with a bit of planning If your wallet, time, energy and overall cheery outlook were taken hostage by the holidays last year, I tell you how to fight back this year.

Ask the Organizer: How do I handle my mail? How do I keep it from piling up? You could go into the Mail Witness Protection Program. Or you could read this blog post.


Uses for a cut-up Target sheet Because sometimes they look better hacked into pieces instead of covering your mattress.

How to get your house under control when you have no time I hate housework. Here are some ideas to make it go faster.

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