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It’s an innovative drawer organizer + bulletin board + art board

by respaced on November 22, 2011

Do you have a junk drawer in your house? How about a messy drawer? My very unscientific research (which consists of me nosing around in other people’s homes) concludes that most of us do. Here’s a cool new product for organizing your drawer that can also work as a bulletin board or an art board for paper and fabric crafts.

It’s called DrawerDecor, and for $25.99 you receive a silicone mat in one of 5 vibrant colors and 15 silicone wedges, which they call Divitz. The Divitz seem to magically stick to the mat, holding your stuff in place and helping you remember where to put things back. Best of all, the Divitz are repositionable. Just pull them off, get them damp, dry them off and stick them back on the mat.

Here is my messy bathroom drawer before:

And here is my gorgeous bathroom drawer after:

Now you will note that I had to find some small containers to hold the smaller stuff, like the nail polish and fingernail clippers. I just grabbed some Gladware containers that I couldn’t find the lid for and an old greeting card box. Problem solved for $0. DrawerDecor isn’t ideal for holding lots of little things unless you can drum up some small boxes to corral everything first. Perhaps they could make some little silicone containers to stick to the mat?

Here’s my craft room drawer before:

And here is my craft room drawer after:

You will notice that I divided the paint supplies between two drawers. Even the best drawer organizer can’t make too much stuff fit into too tiny of a space! But the cool thing about the DrawerDecor Divitz is that I didn’t need to use the mat to make them stick. They stuck on their own to the bottom of the plastic drawer! So now I could do something else with the mat.

Here’s how the mat can be turned into a bulletin board:

I found that single sheets of paper and photos will stick to the mat vertically without the use of the Divitz. I left this “bulletin board” up for four days without a single item falling off of it. How cool is that? No tacks or pins or special adhesive required! It’s a fun new way to display photos.

The mat also works well as an art board for people who are creating scrapbook pages or other paper or fabric crafts. The tackiness of the mat holds down paper or fabric so you can arrange and rearrange your design without fear of the pieces being accidentally jostled or blown off when somebody walks by.

There are probably plenty of other uses for DrawerDecor. Currently, you can purchase it in red, blue, lime green, orange or purple. They may be rolling out a neutral taupe color soon. Hopefully, black and grey are not far behind. You can learn more about them here.

Can you think of any other uses for DrawerDecor? Do you think this is a useful product? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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