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A year ago in review: how disorganization makes you a mean girl (to yourself), organizing winter apparel & leftover containers

by respaced on January 4, 2012

Just in case you missed it, here’s what we were discussing a year or two ago the week of January 4:


Is disorganization affecting your self-esteem? We judge ourselves so harshly when it comes to our clutter, silently calling ourselves names we would never dream of calling anybody else. Is there a way to fix the clutter problem without berating ourselves?


Dealing with the mountain of gloves, mittens and hats You could ban winter apparel and make everyone stay indoors for 6 months, digging underground tunnels to work, school and the store. Or you could simply buy one of these.

How to organize your reusable plastic leftover containers so you can find the matching lid Yes, I know I’m a genius. Now I am off to tell scientists how to cure cancer and build personal jet packs.

3 tips to help that New Year’s organizing resolution stick It takes more than will power to make a resolution stick; it takes insider knowledge and perhaps a glass or two of wine.

 Image of crayons courtesy of Suddenly Susan WordPress.

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