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A year ago in review: Messiness robs you of your cold hard $, getting organized & doing dreary tasks when you have no time or energy

by respaced on February 15, 2012

Just in case you missed it, here ‘s what we were discussing a year or two ago the week of February 15:


Disorganization is robbing you of your money! An injustice is being committed in your own home and you have the power to stop it! (I’m going for a dramatic feel today …)

6 tips for staying organized when you have no time or energy It’s so hard to not get down on yourself when you see all the work that needs to get done around your house, yet you can’t motivate yourself to do it. Here are some ideas to break through the inertia.


How do you find the energy to get those dreary tasks done? Hint: if you can just get yourself started, you will often “get into it” and find the momentum you need to keep going.

Beautiful DIY way to organize writing or art supplies So easy to make and so beautiful to display.

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