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Labels can be beautiful! Here are 7 of my favorites

by respaced on March 27, 2012

When it comes to keeping your home organized and getting all your family members to put things back where they belong, labels are essential. Labels communicate to everyone “hey, this is where this thing belongs!” and keep us from having to rely on our own puny brains to remember those homes. They eliminate your child’s excuse that he can’t put his toy away because he doesn’t know where it goes.

But a lot of people don’t like the look of label-maker labels. So here are some awesome, amazing, beautiful and functional labels that will work perfectly on your bins, baskets, containers and shelves:

Set of 25 wooden favor tags for $29.90 from Melinda Wedding Design at Etsy. Write on them with a Sharpie and tie on to a wire basket holding craft supplies.

Set of 25 chalkboard tags for $25 from Dazzling Expressions at Etsy. Use and reuse on your containers in the pantry or craft room.


Fifty 3" wide paper tags for $4 from The Printed Owl at Etsy. Stick double-stick tape on the back and use to label plastic bins in your child's room.


Set of 30 red tags for $4 from Cutie Handmade at Etsy. These would look perfect in a living room attached to fabric boxes that hold DVDs and video games or in a home office on filing cabinets.

Set of 54 labels for labeling all of your electronics' cords. These come pre-printed from Mabel's Labels for $12.

Clip-on label holder set for $10 from Stuff manuals, handbooks, maps or other bulky paper products in magazine holders and label those suckers!

Ok, I don't really have a practical home application for these engraved mirror labels from Lisa Shay at Etsy, but they sure are cool. They can be sewn into fabric. What would you do with them? $12 each.


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