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You don’t have to be a rigid perfectionist to be organized

by respaced on April 9, 2012

Do you have the freedom to do what needs to get done when your desk looks like this?

Some people don’t see the point of organizing. They equate organizing with being uptight, overly rigid, and deadly to the creative process. They embrace the mess in their house and insist that they love it that way.

But here’s the truth about organizing. True organization is freedom! When you can find WHAT you need to do what you WANT, you are experiencing freedom in your own house.

Think of how much more creative you could be if you could find your art supplies and have a clear tabletop to work on. Or think of how much more entertaining you could do if the couch and chairs in your living room were available to sit on, and you could find your nice linens and flatware to serve from. Think of how much more you could experiment in the kitchen, cooking up wonderful meals, if you could only find your favorite pans and spices. Is that being overly rigid?

Disorganization imprisons us in our own stuff. It suffocates our creative process, creates animosity in our families, eats up our living space and drowns us in our own belongings.

Organization liberates us from the bondage of our stuff. When you live an organized lifestyle, you have the time and resources to put your priorities (family, health, faith) first instead of your possessions. It’s a choice you make to allow certain things in your life and let go of other things.

Make the choice for organization and allow yourself to live the life you have always wanted.

Image courtesy of Olles Venson at Flickr.

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