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Organizing idea of the week: DIY cubby unit

by respaced on June 19, 2013

Do you have an older home that has no hall closet but opens instead directly into your living room? Not much fun to trip over piles of shoes when you come home, is it? That’s why this might be a great DIY solution for you. Three bookcases have been painted and screwed together to form a multi-cubby unit. If this unit is going to be placed in a kids’ room, then the alphabet picture in the center is great. But you could also remove the picture and put a flat screen TV there if the unit is for the family room or a double row of hooks for coats and backpacks if this unit will live in the front entry.

Note: I find that when you have an open shelving piece like this, large baskets that fit in each cubby are essential for stowing groups of things. Otherwise, this kind of storage unit can get cluttery looking really quickly.

You can find the three shelves at Ikea in the Billy line starting at $59.99.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

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