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Organizing Idea of the Week: Garage

by respaced on July 24, 2013

It’s amazing what a difference color can make in a garage. Most people don’t think about painting the interior of a garage, which results in a space that feels very utilitarian and drab. So why not paint it and make it an area to feel proud of? We organizers know that the better a space looks (as in prettier, more stylish), the more likely people are to maintain it.

Also notice the colored bins on the shelves that are in the same color family as the pegboard. If you want a quick makeover for your garage, swap out all of your mismatched bins for matching ones. It will vastly improve the look of your space for less than $100.

Finally, try to get as much off the floor as possible in your garage. It will make it much easier to keep the floor clear, and it is evident from the picture what a difference a clean floor makes in a garage.

Go organize your garage now while the weather is sunny and you can pull everything out on to the driveway without worrying about it getting rained on. And if you have any tips for organizing a garage, please post them in the comments below.

Image courtesy of Real Simple.

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