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The 7-year-old future professional organizer

by respaced on July 26, 2013

20130725_145115Two days ago, I was upstairs in Nathan’s bedroom, and I came across this list he wrote sitting on his night stand. My heart swelled with pride when I realized he wrote his first-ever to-do list! His best friend was coming over that day (they are both 7 and going into second grade), and he wanted to be prepared for her visit. He normally does items #1-3, but #4 is a surprise. All this time he has been able to make his own breakfast and he never told me? Boy, what a sucker I have been, toasting his freezer waffles for him every morning!

Anyway, I’m one proud mama, and his ability to make a to-do list brings him one step closer to becoming my organizing assistant some day.

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kristy July 29, 2013 at 1:58 am

That is.super cute, and more organized than I am on some days.


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