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Organizing Idea of the Week: Jewelry

by respaced on August 6, 2013

Jewelry can be such a headache to organize, because each piece tends to be a different size and shape from the next piece, necessitating various ways to organize each type.

Necklaces are best hung or displayed so their chains do not get tangled. Here, they are hanging off of doorknobs, which looks charming while also being very functional.

Bracelets can be grouped together either on pegs or hooks or gathered together in a bowl.

Rings need to be stored separately, so they do not get lost among the larger pieces of jewelry. Here, they are also grouped together in a bowl. I love how accessible they are (I’ve never been a fan of ring holders that make you stack them one on top of the other on a rod.)

Finally, earrings need an altogether different way of storage. I like the idea of storing earrings in a compartamentalized box like this one from The Container Store. Those pegboard earring holders that you see on Pinterest look cute, but most people won’t take the time to individually thread each earring through the tiny hole. Tossing them into their own little compartment is much easier and keeps them just as organized.

Organizing your jewelry so it is as accessible as it is beautiful will inspire you to maintain your organization system.

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