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Hate unpacking? Let me do it for you

by respaced on October 10, 2013

Portland Professional Organizers

You know how when you move, you end up living with boxes all around you for the next 3 months (or years)? You start to unpack, but after a few days you start to feel overwhelmed, so the unpacking process creeps along until it comes to a standstill. And then you know what comes next: Boxes get put in the garage (or basement or attic or spare room) where they never get opened again. At least, not until it’s time to move again.

Well, now when you move in the Portland Metro area, I can come over and unpack FOR YOU while you are at work or away. Here’s what this service entails:

  • I will unpack your boxes and put things away.
  • I will set up your rooms the right way. For example, I know where everything should go in a kitchen to maximize efficiency.
  • I will put systems into place that will get your place organized from the start. No need to call a professional organizer one year from now because you realize you have no idea how to best use a space.
  • I will shop for any organizing products that you need and put them to use for you. (And you can take advantage of my Storables, The Container Store and Office Max discount!)
  • I can schedule several full days in a row to get you completely unpacked.
  • I can get all of this done while you are at work or on vacation, so you can come home to a perfectly moved-in, organized house.

It will be like Mary Poppins and your fairy godmother had a party in your house. It’s that awesome.

Interested? Give me a call at 971-226-6055, email me at or contact me through my website here. And kiss those boxes good-bye.

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