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My top secret organizing project!

by respaced on December 4, 2013


I’ve been rather neglectful of this blog lately, but that is because I have been working night and day on a Christmas organizing project for a close family member. This family member has always struggled with keeping their home office organized (see the “before” picture above), so I am giving it a reSPACEd makeover as a surprise!

(Yes, it’s a bit early to be giving them their Christmas gift, but I had to find a time when they were out of town for a few days in a row, which happened to be most of this week.)

Now here’s the thing about giving the gift of organizing services as a Christmas gift: You have to be 110 percent sure that they WANT somebody coming into their home, seeing their clutter and sorting through it. It’s best if you have literally heard your would-be gift recipient say, “I wish I could have a professional organizer come in and take care of it all.”

Otherwise, you run the risk of giving a very offensive, judgement-filled gift if the recipient did not think that her/his home was disorganized. Yikes!

So back to the surprise makeover of my family member’s office (this family member is henceforth known as FM). FM had mentioned several times that they would love to have it organized, and I told FM before they left on vacation that organizing it would be my gift to them. Here is another before picture:


Yes, that’s the 7-year-old organizer working his magic up on those bookshelves. 🙂

I can’t show you the “after” picture yet, because I don’t want FM to see it by accident on my blog first. I will try to post the “after” picture at the end of this week. But I can tell you this project is turning out wonderfully! Because I have the luxury of time and an unlimited budget, I have been able to add a bunch of fun touches and really go the extra mile.

If you would like to give the gift of organization to a loved one for Christmas, you can purchase a gift certificate from me! Contact me at to find out more.

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