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Cute little DIY organizing craft for the kitchen

by respaced on March 31, 2014


Do you have this problem: All of your cups and glasses look identical, so your family can never remember whose glass is whose on the kitchen counter? And as a result, everyone grabs a new glass whenever they are thirsty, so you end up with a dozen dirty glasses on the counter by the end of the day?

I figured out how to solve this! Nathan and I painted plain ceramic coasters with fun designs  (no two the same!) and then wrote our names in the middle of each coaster. So now, the coasters live on the kitchen counter and whenever we drink out of a glass, we put the glass on our coaster when we are done with it! No more of the Dirty Dozen on the counter each evening!

You can make these coasters too. (Coasters, acrylic paint and cheap-o paint brushes can be found at Michael’s.) And wouldn’t it be a cute Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift?

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