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Organize your nightstand using adorable tins

by respaced on April 22, 2014

My nightstand has been a clutter magnet for years, probably because it is tucked into the back corner of my bedroom, and I only see it for a couple of hours every morning and night. The rest of the day, it’s out-of-sight, out-of-mind. But then I came across a cute organizing solution and decided to try it out on my nightstand. Here is my nightstand before:


And here is my nightstand after I came across some adorable tins for $4 each at a neighborhood sidewalk sale:


I love how tidy my nightstand looks, and the tins add such a touch of colorful interest to my room! Here is how the clutter all fits neatly into my tin (below). The taller tin just holds my box of earplugs and my reading glasses:


I highly recommend using tins to organize the little piles of clutter that pop up in your house. A few colorful tins clustered together look great. But be warned that if you go tin-crazy and start putting them everywhere, it’s going to look like you live in a thrift store. Fewer tins make a bigger design impact.

I found this AMAZING source of adorable tins here in Portland, Oregon. The candy store Candy Babel on NE Alberta Street offers the mother-lode of vintage tins, presumably to put candy in. But you can also snap them up to use as clutter-catchers! They range in price from under $10 to over $100. Here are some pictures I took in their store:




Feeling inspired yet? Go get yourself a few coordinating tins and see what a difference they can make on your nightstand, end table or desktop. And check out Candy Babel at 1219 NE Alberta Street, Portland, OR 97211. Happy Organizing!

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