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Create a Summer Activities Folder for your kids

by respaced on June 2, 2014

If you are the parent of school-age children, you don’t need me to tell you that summer vacation is almost here! Yikes!

So I’ve been making lots of these Summer Activities Folders for my organizing clients:

Summer Activities Folder 1Summer Activities Folder 2It’s the perfect way to store all those brochures about summer camps and swim lessons. It’s also great if you have been tearing articles out of magazines about kids’ craft projects, games and outings. Get rid of the paper piles in your house by organizing them in an accordion folder. Then when the kids are bored or the babysitter needs some ideas, simply hand them the folder and tell them to choose an activity. Voila! Summer boredom AND paper piles vanquished simultaneously!

To make a Summer Activities Folder, you need to go to a place like Staples and buy yourself a plastic accordion folder for about $12. It needs to be plastic so it will hold up over the next 3 months. And it needs to have some sort of snap or elastic band closure so you can store it on its side if you need to.

Then, label each compartment with a different category of summer fun. Our categories are: Crafts, Food, Games, Places, Science and Other. Then slip all of your magazine articles, brochures and flyers into the appropriate pocket (Your older kids might have fun doing this part. Or maybe that’s just an Organizer’s Kid’s idea of fun …)

Store the Summer Activities Folder somewhere easy to access, like on the counter, so it doesn’t get forgotten about. And reap the rewards of your $12 summer activities idea generator!

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