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Beware of adorable stuffed Easter bunnies!

by respaced on March 19, 2015

Easter bunnies

See how cute these Easter plush animals are, just staring out at you from the store shelf with their big, sad eyes? Wouldn’t your children just love a cute, cuddly, brand-new stuffed Easter bunny for Easter this year?

Here is a bit of Easter-related organization advice:

If your kid is like so many other kids, who have a small army of stuffed animals collecting dust in their bedroom AND who refuse to get rid of any of them, then do yourself a favor and DO NOT buy your child a stuffed Easter bunny or any other Easter plush this year.

The reason is, all children seem to believe that their stuffed animals — and really, any of their toys that have eyes — are secretly alive.

Thus, the stuffed animals’ feelings would be hurt if your children gave them away.

Thus, your children will refuse to part with any of their stuffed animals.

Thus, you have to deal with stuffed animal clutter that takes up a lot of space, harbors a lot of dust, and causes battles between you and your children until they are about 18.

So be mindful this year to avoid adding to the stuffed animal chaos in your child’s bedroom. And get the word out to the grandparents and anybody else who buys your children goodies for Easter: NO MORE STUFFED ANIMALS!

Happy Stuffed Animal-Free Easter, everyone!

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