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Easy DIY way to keep track of household projects + plan the weekends

by respaced on March 13, 2015

Project list

You know that whole scenario where you have something planned for the weekend, but then your spouse surprises you with having other plans for the weekend? Meanwhile, that home improvement project that you started 2 months ago is still sitting out, neglected week after week? Here’s how we finally conquered that in our family:

1. We purchased 2 basic white frames at Michaels. Michaels always has really good sales on frames, so these were very inexpensive. I chose white frames and glass because I wanted them to blend into the wall and be invisible if we ever get to the point where we have NO projects to do (Ha! That will be the day!)

2. I just used a dry erase marker to write current “Projects” on the top frame. On the bottom frame, I wrote “Saturday” and “Sunday.” Now we can assign one project to do per weekend, so we can start to finish up those old, annoying projects. Note that this is NOT a weekly To Do list. This is just for tracking those long-range projects which take at least a few hours to complete.

3. You can get dry erase pens by the package at The Dollar Store. You might want to attach the dry erase pen with a string to the frame so it doesn’t wander off!

4. You could also replicate this idea with a chalkboard or actual dry erase board. But I think it’s easier to write with a marker than with chalk, because chalk smudges so easily. Plus, I think framed glass looks better than having a dry erase board on display in your house. That’s just my preference.

What do you think? Would this work for your familly? How do you keep track of projects that need to be done?

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