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Finally! A solution for the kid who ALWAYS forgets something important at home

by respaced on May 5, 2015

Do you have the kind of child who is always forgetting to pack certain things in their backpack? You know, a chronic homework-forgetter or lunch-leave-behinder? Well, I FINALLY solved that problem in our house! Only took me until the school year is nearly over to figure out …

chalkboard sign

I got this chalkboard sign from our local New Seasons about a year ago, but had never really found a good use for it until last week. It now holds Nathan’s list of things he needs to take to school each day. The key here? Nathan wrote the list HIMSELF, thus putting himself in charge of deciding what should go in his backpack each morning. OWNERSHIP OF THE PROBLEM, people!

chalkboard sign 2

Again, this solution took me 8 months to figure out, so I’m kind of embarrassed to be showing it to you (I’m also embarrassed at how badly our back door needs a fresh coat of paint). But hey, better late than never, right?!

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