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Look for the SIGN, Mom and Dad!

by respaced on May 22, 2017

I’m a big believer in the power of SIGNS. When you are constantly losing something or forgetting to do something, a big, bright, in-your-face strategically placed sign can help you remember.

The signs pictured above are for clients who have a hard time corralling all the kids’ paperwork and artwork. They were missing important notices from school, and the kids were cluttering up the mail and home office areas with all of the artwork they wanted Mom and Dad to see. So I got these Dollar Tree frames and made them into a sign using obnoxiously bright paper. This way, the kids can place their papers on the table, and put the signs on top, signalling to mom and dad to LOOK!

The nice thing about stand-up signs versus, say, a Post-It note, is that the stand-up sign won’t get buried under additional papers or easily lost. A very inexpensive solution to a very common problem!

Could you use some signs in your house, either to remind yourself or your kids of something?

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