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What can a professional organizer do for you?

by respaced on May 15, 2017

So you want to get organized, but are wondering why you should hire a professional organizer instead of letting your super organized friend help? Here’s why:

  1. A pro organizer is a neutral third party who can help you make decisions faster and more easily. Your organizer isn’t burdened by the emotional baggage that goes with knowing the history of your item, so she can help you come to a more logical and sensible decision about what to do with it. This is especially useful when dealing with family heirlooms!
  2. A pro organizer is also your project manager. Don’t know where to start? She does. Feel like you don’t have room to work in? She knows all the tricks to setting up a staging area. Your organizer knows how to structure your organizing session to keep things moving along.
  3. A pro organizer is not going to judge you about what you decide to keep or discard. If you bring in your friends or family to help you, on the other hand …
  4. A pro organizer knows exactly how to store what you want to keep, down to the name brand of the container you should buy. No more bringing home $200 of the wrong-sized containers from The Container Store.
  5. A pro organizer will help you get your room decluttered faster than if you go it alone (or with those aforementioned family and friends). This is because she will not waste any time standing around, trying to figure out what step to take next. She has seen it all before and knows every step needed to see your project through to its end.
  6. A pro organizer knows how to keep the mood light, keep your energy up, and make the project even (gasp!) a bit fun. Organizers love what they do, and that attitude is often contagious.

Sometimes your project is small enough that you can tackle it on your own with minimal help. But for bigger projects (hello, basement!) it’s often easier and faster to call in a professional organizer.

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