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The secret to organizing Gladware leftover containers

by respaced on August 16, 2017

I recently did a home organizing job out in Hillsboro. The client wanted me to reorganize the kitchen, specifically: The Gladware! Some call it Tupperware, some call it leftover containers. But we all have those little plastic tubs with the myriad lids, and for most of us, they are stashed in a jumbled drawer somewhere.

So this is how I like to organize clients’ Gladware. I separate the Gladware out by shape and nest square containers with square containers, circular containers with circular containers, etc. Then I store lids separately from the containers (with the exception of the little tiny ones that can get lost in a bin). And just like with the containers, I groups lids by shape too.

The result? This client can easily grab the leftover container AND the lid she is looking for quite easily.

One more hint: It’s easiest to store leftover containers that are all of the same brand, because they are meant to nest together that way. So if you are struggling to get everything to fit in a cupboard or drawer, start by discarding/repurposing elsewhere all the one-off containers.

Happy Organizing!

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