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Portland Organizer Reviews


I have worked with 3 other professional organizers in Portland, and MaryJo was for me, far and away the most skillful. MaryJo brought a clear, calm, focused and insightful energy to each conversation. She replied to emails promptly, showed up on time, always came with predictably required supplies, finished each session exactly as she said, and did it all with a combination of amazing efficiency and a seeming ease and lightness of touch. 

– Homeowner in NW Portland

I was quite hesitant to contact a professional unpacker. I’m so glad I found Maia! She has guided me through my entire house, is non-judgmental and objective, sympathetic to sentiment, and aware of any individual needs. I recommend her highly. 

– Homeowner in SE Portland

MaryJo Monroe of reSPACEd is superb. She is prompt in responding to communications, she arrives on-time and equipped with a variety of tools to turn your home from cluttered to tidy, but perhaps most importantly she is fun to work with. 

– Homeowner in Beaverton

Maia is professional in every sense. Every time I look at the bookshelves or the garage storage, I am grateful for her skill. She truly saved my sanity.

– Homeowner in NW Portland

Christy is phenomenal. She’s knowledgeable and brings expertise to help solve organizational challenges, and collaborates to create custom systems and organizational solutions that are tailored to really work with you and your life. 

– Homeowner in Beaverton

Thank you for being so fabulous to work with. I love our time together, and I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned! 

– Homeowner in SE Portland

You might be able to organize a room yourself, but with MaryJo, it will go 5 times faster. And if you get stuck on what to do with something, she will ask you one question that will make the answer crystal-clear.

– Homeowner in SW Portland

MaryJo helped me organize my office and get rid of my “piling system.” She was efficient, fun, and easy to work with.  The best part is that almost everything has a place to go or a place where it belongs now.  And if it doesn’t, she taught me how to create or find a home for it.  

– Mom in SE Portland

MaryJo is so great at what she does. She is easy to work with and we made so much progress in a short amount of time. Thank you for all of your help, MaryJo. You are amazing!

 – Mom in Newberg

Thank you so much for meeting with my partner and I and sharing your knowledge and expertise! The hour you spent with us was so informational and certainly valuable!

– Business owner in NE Portland

ReSPACEd helped me get my garage organized. I have a very small garage and was trying to figure out how to fit everything. MaryJo helped me figure out what was important and sort out what I really didn’t need. Not only did she help me with a plan to get organized, the nice part is she was realistic and listened to what I needed. Before we started I was afraid she was just going to have me get rid of most things. We did get rid of a lot of things, but through the process I found I didn’t need everything. Thank you for helping me get it done.

 – Homeowner in N Portland

You have been a joy and a delight with whom I could share my problems!

– Homeowner in Beaverton

ReSPACEd came into my cluttered little home and brought great organizing help and order.  MaryJo helped me look at the space I have in a totally different light and helped to simplify things for my family.  She is incredibly warm, personable and professional. She brings a lot of great experience to the table and offers great organizing expertise.  I would highly recommend reSPACEd to anyone.

– Homeowner in SE Portland

Thank you for taking time out of your day to come and talk to our moms’ club. We had an incredible turn-out for your talk. What is better than getting organizing advice from a fellow mom? Thank you again.

– President of MOMS Club Beaverton South