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Repurposing a kid’s chalkboard for family communication

August 7, 2017

I’m a professional organizer, but I’m also a mom, and my son is my guinea pig for all of my home organizing ideas. As my son has gotten older (he’s 11 now), I’ve tried to walk back my role as the Summertime Entertainment Director in order to get him to take more responsibility for his […]

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Keep your open shelves from getting cluttered with these 5 tips

July 10, 2017

Open shelving — that is, shelves that hold your collection out in the open instead of hiding it behind cabinet doors — is a SUPER popular look right now in home design, but it can be difficult to pull off. The tendency is for people to cram too much stuff on the shelves, which turns […]

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Paper/plastic bag storage solutions for the kitchen

July 5, 2017

While doing a kitchen organizing job out in Beaverton last week, I got asked about storing bags, particularly the bags that come home from stores like paper bags and plastic bags. I get asked about this a lot actually, so here’s a picture of how I store them in my house: Yep, that’s my 1990s […]

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An organizer’s system for getting laundry done

June 12, 2017

Do you struggle with managing laundry in your house? I have worked with many organizing clients, who struggle to stay on top of laundry. Here are two things I have found to be true after 9 years of working as a professional organizer with hundreds of people: The more clothing you own, the less frequently you […]

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Get unpacked after a move within a day!

June 5, 2017

Did you know we offer unpacking services? We recently helped a client out in Beaverton, Oregon get her condo set up and unpacked after her move. The movers came in first, dropping off all of the boxes and placing the big pieces of furniture. Then we got to work! We always like to set up […]

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Look for the SIGN, Mom and Dad!

May 22, 2017

I’m a big believer in the power of SIGNS. When you are constantly losing something or forgetting to do something, a big, bright, in-your-face strategically placed sign can help you remember. The signs pictured above are for clients who have a hard time corralling all the kids’ paperwork and artwork. They were missing important notices […]

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The perfect gift for a pro organizer

May 19, 2017

What do you get the professional organizer who has doesn’t want anything? (I realize I tend to be very hard to shop for!) How about custom-made bookshelves? That’s what my sweet husband Chad (pictured) made for me recently. Chad designed these shelves, prepared the wood, and did all of the metal work himself. The wood […]

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What can a professional organizer do for you?

May 15, 2017

So you want to get organized, but are wondering why you should hire a professional organizer instead of letting your super organized friend help? Here’s why: A pro organizer is a neutral third party who can help you make decisions faster and more easily. Your organizer isn’t burdened by the emotional baggage that goes with […]

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Happy Birthday, reSPACEd!

May 8, 2017

It’s my birthday today (hence the photo of my cute family up above). May is also the anniversary of reSPACEd. I have learned SO MUCH over the years about people, their homes, their behaviors and organizing in general. I’m a different organizer today than I was that May nine years ago. Here are some of […]

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More low-stress, no sweat organizing tips for a move: Part 2

May 25, 2016

Last Friday, I posted about my process for organizing for a move. Today, I want to share with you all the little tricks I use to making this decluttering/organizing/packing process a little easier. First of all, try to organize for no more than four hours each day. Packing is tiring enough, but sorting and making […]

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