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Let’s face it: a dusty, musty room heaped high with long-forgotten clutter is usually a bit of a kill-joy. It’s so much easier to just close the door and tell ourselves that we will “get to it later.” But if you find that “later” never seems to come, then it’s time to find ways to […]

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Organizing bedtime kisses and hugs

by respaced on July 7, 2014

My mama friend from Moreland MOPS is letting me post this picture of the schedule one of her kids made that outlines the order in which Daddy hugs and kisses each child good-night. This way, each of the four children gets a chance to be the first one to get Daddy’s kisses/hugs at night. Nobody […]


Brilliant solution to missing sock dilemma

by respaced on November 25, 2011

I love this! Clever wall art for the laundry room meets functional process for matching up missing socks. I wonder if there is a risk of family members leaving their solo socks on the line just for the cuteness factor? What do you think? Image courtesy of


Victorian party guests unhappy with the gifts they received at a Passing Party. Or maybe they just ate some bad hot dogs. My mother recently sent me an old newspaper clipping that dated back to the late-19th, early-20th century about how to get rid of items in your house that you don’t like (because there […]


Did you watch the Royal Wedding this morning? Yeah, I did too. It’s something special to remember, if not for the romance and historicity, then for the mere spectacle of the whole shindig. And for Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. I will never forget it. So with that being said, here’s a suggestion: Keep only memories […]


What’s your superpower?

by respaced on July 9, 2010

It’s funny, but that’s the EXACT outfit I wear when I’m organizing, too! Image courtesy of Of course!


How to organize your cats

by respaced on May 5, 2010

I’m not sure what’s up with the spelling, but this picture needs no words anyway. Just enjoy the bliss that is finally having all of your cats in one place. You will never misplace them again with this ingenious organizing device! Super funny picture from Cheezburger.

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I went to my brother’s housewarming party on Saturday and wanted to tell you about a clever method they are using to make decor decisions. They are having some differences of opinions on cosmetic changes such as paint colors, fireplace styles, window treatments and furniture choices in their new house. So they placed two idea […]

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